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Why Is Biblical Community So Important to Us?

Iron sharpens iron. Soldiers have to sharpen their swords daily, making their swords’ points strong and precise. Without this continual process, a sword can quickly become blunt and ineffective against the enemy.

Just like soldiers, we too are called to keep our weapons sharp, and one of the most powerful weapons we wield is community.

Biblical community strengthens, encourages, challenges, and transforms us. Community reminds us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and shows us that we are never fighting on our own. Community cuts through our fear and helps us to face our battles with confidence in Christ.

Satan seeks to destroy us when we are isolated because he knows that we are the most vulnerable when we are alone. Our minds play tricks on us, convincing us that we are too much of a burden, we are strong enough to figure everything out on our own, and that no one can truly understand how we feel. Our thoughts become swords that we ourselves fall upon, leading to chaos and destruction.

God designed community because He knew that while none of us are perfect, we are much stronger together.

 If you feel like it’s very hard to find the right community, please know that you are not alone in your experiences. For countless years, I’ve never had a community I was close to. Although I had several friends, I didn’t have a consistent group of godly friends that would point me to Christ and which I could be fully transparent with.

In high school, I saw a massive change. As I spent more time committed to pursuing Jesus, He began bringing people into my life so we could pursue Him together.

A girl in church that I only talked to a few times prior went on to become my best friend. She’s someone who constantly prays for me, speaks biblical truth with wisdom, and has been there for me no matter what I faced. Then, on social media, I met two sisters that also became some of my closest friends. Although we’ve never met in person, we’ve had such deep, profound conversations that have revolutionized my relationship with God. At church, I began connecting with more leaders who have mentored me and taught me a lot about what it means to serve the Lord faithfully.

As an introvert, I constantly feel out of place and am frequently misunderstood by others. In fact, I’ve always felt the most alone when I’ve been surrounded by people. However, God gave me the perfect group of individuals who fully see me for who I am but also challenge me to step beyond my comfort zone in active obedience. I am who I am because of the way God moves through them.

They are people who always respect my boundaries while still giving space for me to be fully vulnerable. This community is a gift that I’ve always dreamed of but could never put into words until I received it myself. I know that I could have never gained these friendships on my own. All I did was follow Jesus, and in His grace, He provided the right people at the right time.

Trust me, the wait is worth it. If you haven’t found your people yet, do not get discouraged. Keep showing up, keep praying for community, and keep expecting God to move in incredible ways.

Church is not a building- church is the people of God coming together. Church is family gathering together for online bible study. Church is those deep conversations you have with your friends while texting at night. Church is mourning and lamenting together. Church is celebrating and laughing together. Church is choosing to stay and fight when the rest of the world has walked away. Church is loving and serving without holding anything back. Church is the way we get a beautiful glimpse of Heaven here on Earth.

For some of us, we’ve been burned by the Church. We’ve suffered abuse, spiritual hurt, and heartbreaking betrayals. Everything within us wants to leave and walk away, but I fully believe that God wants to heal us and redeem the role of the Church in our lives.

It’s a process that will definitely take a lot of time and trust, but God will bring restoration where there was once darkness and brokenness. He will show you that even though you’ve been burned by others, there are still people out there who will encourage you in keeping your heart on fire for Jesus. Along the way, you’ll learn from them, and they’ll learn from you.

Community will look different for everyone. Some people may have large groups of friends, while others may have a few close friends that they do life with. Some friendships will only be present for a season, while others last an entire lifetime. No matter how your community looks like, know that you are still growing together.

Life is constantly changing, but the one constant is Jesus. He knows the depths of your soul, and He will give you the community that He created you for. Never forget to keep your sword sharp.

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