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5 Powerful Lessons I Learned From My Gold Award

One year ago, I began working on my Gold Award project. With a few strokes of a keyboard, An Esther Generation was born. Although I knew that this ministry would significantly impact me, I could never imagine how Jesus used this platform to transform my life forever.

Although this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, it’s also been one of the most fulfilling.

I discovered so much about myself, and more importantly, about God. As I navigated through the valleys and the mountains, He was always fighting right by my side. Here are five powerful truths I learned during my Gold Award journey:

#1. You fight your battles through serving.

As Jenny Uglow once said, “We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course, it’s our garden that is really nurturing us.”

Amid one of the most challenging seasons of my life, I was surrounded by fear, uncertainty, and weariness.  

While I wanted this ministry to help those facing serious struggles, God utilized this to strengthen my own faith and give me the courage to persevere. The same words that I hoped would foster restoration in others are the exact same words God used to speak life into my own soul.

Serving reminded me to fix my eyes on God, show others the love of Jesus, and boldly fight the good fight of faith. Whether my weapon is a laptop, a camera, or a microphone, the Lord is using my gifts to declare His immeasurable goodness. No matter my circumstances, I know that every act of service valiantly pushes back the darkness.

#2. Jesus moves in above and beyond ways when you fully show up and surrender.

I often place my worth in what I do rather than in who I belong to. This season revealed that I’m not the author of my story- Jesus is. All of my time, talents, and treasures are designed to make His name known. Every single time I’ve tried to be successful in my own strength, I became fatigued, confused, and disappointed.

Every single time I wholly trusted God to move, He’s parted seas, touched souls, and resurrected dry bones. It’s so humbling to witness how the Lord is not just using me to reach strangers across the world- He’s also reaching the people right in front of me.

His actions prove that He is always working.

Even when I can’t see the outcome of my faithfulness, I believe that my Father is doing something new and exceptionally astounding.

#3. No force of darkness can ever ruin the Lord’s amazing plan for your life.

When you are obedient to God’s calling, you will face fierce opposition. The moment I began taking action on this project, I encountered obstacle after obstacle. A return to the chaotic world of school. A complete lack of passion. A multitude of spiritual and emotional challenges.

Spiritual warfare isn’t limited to physical attacks or hurled insults from critics- it can also be subtle setbacks that are designed to discourage and demoralize us from obedience.

Still, no scheme of the enemy can ever stop the mighty move of God at work in your life. Jesus uses the circumstances that should’ve destroyed us to refine and transform us.  My opposition bolstered my spiritual fortitude and led me to incredible new opportunities.

#4. Growth is painful and uncomfortable, but it’s also a beautiful part of becoming who God called you to be.

In a time when everything was shifting, God remained faithful. His steadfastness expanded my perspective of who He is. For example, there were many instances when I felt like I couldn’t even recognize myself due to the number of changes occurring.

However, sometimes we don’t feel like ourselves because Jesus is molding us to be more like Him and is preparing us for greater things.

Whenever doubt caused me to question if this ministry was really worth it, my Savior showed me how far I’ve come and how essential servanthood is. There are so many hurting hearts that are desperately waiting to hear the hope of the Gospel. God used my growth to open doors that I never dreamed were possible and form priceless connections through a touch of the screen.

It astonishes me how each random instance of my obedience was divinely intertwined into God’s perfect plan.

#5. When I don’t possess the strength to even stand, Jesus will faithfully carry me every step of the way.

More than anything that I learned this year, Jesus taught me the power of authentic vulnerability. As the Lord exposed my pride and insecurities, I realized how much I utterly depend on the grace of God.

In the moments when I barely knew how to put one foot in front of the other, He held my hand and led me to streams of living water that never go dry.

In my weakness, He is strong.

It is Jesus who saved me, and it is Jesus who will sustain me.

At this stage in my project, I don’t know whether I will need to make any revisions or prepare for new seasons. While the unknown is scary, I place my hope in the One who holds my future. He who began a good work in me is faithful to complete it. My Promise Keeper proved over and over again that His truth never fails.

No matter what happens, I can confidently say that I am living in the goodness of God.  The best is always yet to come.

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