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5 Ways to Remember Past Times of God’s Faithfulness

There’s something beautiful about a jigsaw puzzle. Although the pieces seem insignificant, together, each intricate detail makes up a stunning picture. Just like a puzzle, our lives consist of countless little memories. Each memory, no matter how small, molds us into the people we are today. God specifically gave us these experiences so that our remembrance moves us to surrender and obedience. As we encounter seasons of uncertainty or navigate through the obstacles of everyday life, looking back on our Father’s faithfulness gives us the strength to look ahead.

While it’s easy for me to remember what God has done when everything in my life is running smoothly, I struggle to praise Him amid struggles. I’m not alone in facing this challenge either. Each time God’s people turned away their hearts from serving the LORD, it was because they forgot just how good He is.

We must intentionally prioritize remembrance to worship Yahweh with our whole hearts. Here are five powerful ways to remember God’s faithfulness daily:

#1. Represent- Keep a visual symbol.

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult for me to wholly surrender to God when I can’t see the evidence of my trust. As Jesus calls us to a fiery faith even in the unseen, we can strengthen our confidence by physically reminding ourselves of God’s character. For example, after the LORD split the Jordan River for Joshua and the people of Israel, He commanded them to set up 12 stones as a memorial of what He did on that unforgettable day. Like the nation of Israel, we can also use representations in our everyday lives. From hanging a Bible verse in our rooms, saving a symbolic picture on our phones, or keeping a special keepsake, each visual representation leads us to God’s eternal love.

#2. Record- Start a prayer journal.

The book of Psalms is one of my favorite books of the Bible. Although David was an ordinary man with an extraordinary purpose, he never dismissed the significance of authentically coming before Yahweh with his praises, problems, and perceptions. Like David, I love to pray through writing because I gain so much clarity and direction. It’s incredible to read past journal entries and discover the blessing of living out what I previously prayed for. As I pressed into Jesus, I could distinctly experience my spiritual maturity growing and developing. Through prayer, our perspective shifts as we learn the importance of clinging to our Father through each season.

#3. Reflect- Create a memory jar.

When I’ve intentionally taken the time to examine my life, I’m consistently amazed at God’s mighty hand of favor through each circumstance. However, I tend to neglect these special events as time passes. By creating a sacred space of gratitude, we ensure we won’t forget any detail of God’s goodness.  Although this can be a physical jar filled with stories or verses written on slips of paper, it can also be as basic as creating a folder on your notes app to preserve each moment. No matter what you choose, memory jars are a beautiful method to remember God’s faithfulness in both the small and big ways.

#4. Relate- Write as you read the Bible.

There are specific Bible verses that were instrumental in strengthening me through difficult seasons of my life. What I love most about jotting down my thoughts (via a journal or Notetaking Bible) is that it allows me to record my stories down right alongside Scripture. We are not manipulating Scripture for personal ambition; instead, we discover how God is working in us just as He did with biblical characters. When I compare the Word of God to my own testimony, it’s breathtaking to see centuries-old promises being fulfilled right in my very own life. I’m reminded of God’s nearness, pulled toward His truth, and surrounded by His love. As we identify crucial parallels between past and present, we can’t help but be left in awe of our Savior’s power and compassion.

#5. Retell- Share your story with others.

When the God of the entire universe chooses to create a breathtaking masterpiece in your life, you can’t help but share the good news. Our testimonies are so powerful that they don’t just change others’ perspectives- they also transform our hearts and deepen our understanding of God’s character. When the Jews were saved from annihilation, they worshipped Yahweh. They celebrated the Feast of Purim, an annual event that honored who God is and what He had done for them. Just like the Jews, being bold with our faith reinforces our assurance in the steadfastness of Jesus and paves the way for nonbelievers to experience the Lord for themselves.

While there are countless ways to remind ourselves of our Father’s love, the important thing is to simply start. When we remember just how amazing our great God is, we draw closer to Him and invite others to partake in our eternal joy. No matter the circumstance, I’m daring to worship the One who was always faithful and will always be faithful.

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