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How to Find Beauty Right Where We Are

Wake up. Work. Go back to sleep. Repeat.

Trapped in this seemingly endless cycle, the days begin running together. We feel lost, discouraged, and overwhelmed. Even though our heads know we have an eternal purpose, sometimes our hearts feel like our lives just don’t matter. Life seems completely devoid of fun, laughter, and wonder.

I’ve faced this almost every school year, and the older I grow, the more frequently this experience occurs. As I’ve struggled with this, God showed me the power of discovering beauty in our everyday lives. In a world where everyone rushes just to get from point A to point B, we can be deliberate in slowing down and resting in His steadfast presence.

When we were children, we were amazed by the simplest things, from trying a new food for the first time or receiving a smile from a stranger. As we became older, we slowly lost our ability to be in awe.

However, what if God wants to change the way we live by transforming the way we see? What if growing up is not about our accomplishments, but our ability to fully explore the world and identify God’s goodness through each moment?

Spiritual maturity calls us to have a child-like faith (Matthew 18:3-5) and look at the world through a lens of wonder. Instead of rationalizing or discouraging imagination, we can dare to pray bold prayers and anticipate that Jesus will do the impossible. This leads us to take action and rediscover the sacred act of simply being excited. Here are 3 ways to find beauty right where you are:

#1. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Our Heavenly Father knows how to give us good gifts; the most incredible gift we could receive is the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:9-13). As Jesus guides our path and convicts our hearts, He also shows us that living life to the fullest is only possible when we fervently seek Him.

Instead of racing at break-neck speed to get through our day, invite the Holy Spirit to direct your gaze and your steps. Spend time praying that your eyes will be open to what He’s teaching you and the miracles He’s already performing all around you. Also, trust Him to lead you through the little moments as well as the big ones.

When we choose to surrender all that we have to the Holy Spirit, He will astound us through even the most minuscule details. Everything- from the relationships we form to the unexpected delays we encounter- will be used for an eternal, incredible purpose.

#2. Do something that you genuinely love to do.

In my life, whenever I’ve navigated through a trial or faced burnout, I can quickly lose a sense of who I am. The things that once brought me joy don’t quite feel the same anymore, and sometimes I don’t even have the energy or motivation to get out of bed. The few times that I’ve tried to continue my hobbies, I just end up feeling even more exhausted.

However, God showed me that passions take practice and dedication. After several attempts of doing things I loved, I slowly started enjoying my hobbies again. This didn’t mean that I had to spend the same amount of time as I used to on each hobby, and that’s completely okay. In fact, even spending 5 minutes a day of doing something you love can make a great impact and point you to the depths of God’s goodness.

Reading helped me understand God’s limitless creativity and imagination. Spending time in nature reminded me that God is purposeful in the way He develops and transforms the world around us. Photography showed me that God changes the way we perceive beauty and ourselves. These passions all reminded me of my ultimate passion for Jesus.

#3. Change your pace.

I remember one time I was journaling in my school garden when I suddenly looked up and saw a stunning hawk just a few short feet away from me, drinking water from a fountain. I soon realized that no one else had noticed the gorgeous creature even though they were in close proximity to it. Most of them were either rushing to get to class or were hurriedly staring at their phones. It hit me that if I hadn’t been sitting in that garden, I probably wouldn’t notice the bird either.

Many of us don’t notice the beauty that is directly right in front of us because we don’t take the time to slow down and simply look up.

While hustle culture tells us that we need to go fast to stay above the waters, humility reminds us that a change of pace leads to a change in perspective. Take a moment to stop, breathe, and look at the world around you. God’s blessings are always surrounding you.

Beauty exists because it’s evidence of God’s sovereignty and intentionality. 

Whether we are standing on top of the mountain or traversing through the valley, our environment is overflowing with beauty. Continually fight for your sense of wonder, and believe that the Lord is moving in spectacular ways right where you are.

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