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How to Navigate Through Seasons of Transition

Quarantine was truly an unforgettable experience that transformed who I am and how I view God. It was the first instance in my life when I took the time to rest in God’s presence and grow in my relationship with Him. I increased my productivity, explored new interests, and gained a vision for ministry.

Then, it came time for me to go back to school. Everything began changing, including my school, sleep schedule, church, self-care, and relationship with the Lord. The loud, crowded, and uncomfortable atmosphere was always challenging for me to navigate, but especially after my refreshing times of solitude, I struggled to develop new rhythms. By the end of the day, I’m feeling exhausted, frustrated, and left asking God if any of this actually matters.

However, God’s showing me that seasons of transition point us to the One who never changes. God uses the uncertain and the unstable to reveal His faithfulness on a personal, intimate level.

A few months ago, my friends and I started reading the book of Exodus. Almost instantly, I was drawn to the character of Moses and the countless parallels our lives share. Like Moses, I was content living in solitude with God. Like Moses, my doubt whispers that I’m going to be too much of a failure if I follow God’s leading. Like Moses, I’m reluctant to leave behind the blessings of my current season and venture into the unknown.

However, the Lord uses various seasons to reveal different aspects of His character.

When I’ve felt all alone, He was the one who held my hand amid the darkness.

When I’ve felt overwhelmed and doubtful, He showed me that He is always in control.

When I’ve felt exhausted and discouraged, He’s been my Sustainer.

Just like who He was to the nation of Israel, Jehovah will always be exactly who I need Him to be.

New seasons are times to apply what we previously learned from the Lord. Not only does this act of obedience draw us closer to Him, but we also allow others to experience our Father’s goodness right alongside us.

After Moses spent time with the Lord and received His commandments, God called him to share His Word with His people. When Moses came down, it said that his face was literally glowing because his private experience with God revolutionized his outward appearance. While Moses didn’t even realize that his face was radiant, those around him could see the dramatic transformation (Exodus 34:29).

Through Moses’s obedience, others in his sphere of influence could clearly see the mighty hand of God working in him and through him. His decision to follow the Lord’s leading had earthshattering impacts.

If Moses didn’t come down from the mountain, we would never hear the voice of God speaking through His Word.

If Elijah didn’t leave the Brook Cherith, we would never possess the opportunity to learn about the supernatural, extraordinary power of Yahweh.

If the disciples never left the complacency and familiarity of their homes, we would never hear the amazing news of the Gospel.

If I’m being honest, I probably need to hear this message more than anyone else. I’ve always struggled with vulnerability and trusting others. Through this challenging season of my life, God’s shown me that true surrender is unconditional. I’m learning to stop trusting in my own strength and begin depending on Him fully. Transitions remind me of how desperately I need Jesus, especially when I think I’ve gotten it all figured out.

Still, I want to encourage you that God knows exactly how you feel, and He’s not mad at you. You’re not being punished or ridiculed for what you’re going through. On the contrary, each time the weight of the world seems to press a bit harder on me and I feel like what I’m doing is pointless, Jesus reminds me that I’m exactly where He needs me to be. Through the challenges we face, He will be the one walking with us and carrying our burdens.

Sometimes our greatest struggles are actually answered prayers in disguise. Each time I walk into a classroom, my prayer that others would see Jesus through me is answered. Whenever I feel like I have no strength left, my prayer to surrender control to God is answered. As I go through the brokenness of this world, my prayer to draw closer to my Father’s heart is answered. While we probably don’t choose the circumstances, God is using each situation to refine our hearts.

As I’m writing this, I still not fully sure of what this new season will look like or the changes life will bring. However, the God of Exodus is the God over my life. He gave the Israelites life-giving manna not for the future but for the present. Just as Israel learned to depend on their Sustainer, I too can trust God to guide me through the nuances of everyday life.

 God allows us to go through the wilderness, mountaintops, and everything in between to highlight His nearness amid each circumstance. While I may not understand His plan, I know that His ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts than my thoughts. Each new territory I enter is an opportunity for others to see the love of Jesus shining in me and through me. As He goes before me and enlarges my boundaries, I will exalt Him for all that He is, all that He has done, and all that He will continue to do.

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