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How to Respond in the Season of Waiting

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I remember waiting as a little girl, marking down the days on my calendar until the Big Day finally arrived. Joy bubbled up inside me as I ran toward my stack of presents, opening each gift with excitement that I could barely contain. In all honesty, it wasn’t the presents or even Christmas Day that brought me so much happiness; it was the simple act of anticipating the beautiful promise that lay ahead.

The word wait translates to qavah in Hebrew. It means to eagerly look for, expect, or hope for. Waiting is more than just passively sitting around and doing nothing- it’s actively obeying God through the in-between stages of life. While waiting can be incredibly frustrating, it’s an essential part of fortifying our spiritual maturity and strengthening our trust in Jesus.  

The extraordinary story of Joseph is proof of God’s faithfulness amid a parched period. At a young age, God foretold Joseph’s destiny through a dream (Genesis 37). Instead of a clear path to success, Joseph’s circumstances were much bleaker. After facing painful betrayals, false accusations, and deadly incidents, Joseph spent years of his life isolated in a prison cell. If I were in the same situation, I would face doubts and discouragement. Instead, Joseph remained yielded to God’s plan and purpose for his life. Due to Joseph’s obedience, God perfectly positioned him to protect Egypt from a famine that ravaged the nation.

It’s not just him- all throughout Scripture, we see the significance of waiting.

David waited over 22 years before becoming king over Israel.

Sarah waited 90 years before giving birth to her son, Isaac.

Even Jesus spent over 90% of His lifetime waiting for His ministry to begin.

Waiting is what molds us into God’s mouthpieces and allows His glory to be revealed through us and in us. It’s not about saying no but rather surrendering our timing to the Lord’s will. Although there will be instances when we feel tempted to give in to disappointment, we can trust in the steadfast promises of God’s Word.

So, what can we do in the season of waiting?

#1. We can pray

If I’m being honest, prayer is always a struggle for me. I tend to only spend time with Jesus whenever I’m faced with a problem or when it’s convenient. However, we will never be able to fully trust God in the waiting if we can’t trust Him with our everyday lives. Prayer is what nurtures the relationship between a loving Father and His beloved child.

#2. We can hide God’s Word in our hearts

As someone who naturally overthinks, I know firsthand how destructive doubts can be. They cripple you into believing lies about your worth and identity. When our fears plague us, we can fight back with the mighty Word of God. However, we can’t be assured of our eternal purpose in Christ if we don’t know what His promises say. By prioritizing our Bible reading time, Satan’s lies stand no match against the truth of God’s love.

#3. We can surround ourselves with community

Waiting is extremely challenging, and it can be devastating to face your experiences without any support. Satan will do anything to demoralize and disillusion you from walking in your God-given purpose. When we intentionally lock arms with fellow believers, we can stand firm in our faith. Community is a sacred gift that we can cherish as children of the Most High.

#4. We can practice gratitude

When we navigate through the struggles of waiting, it’s easy to feel like Jesus abandoned us or that He let us down. Instead of focusing on our disappointments, we can shift our gaze to our Father’s steadfastness. By purposefully taking the time to pause and reflect, we see evidence of God’s goodness all around us.

#5. We can be faithful

Sometimes I concentrate so hard on future ambitions that I lose sight of how I can move towards my purpose right where I am. Still, there is beauty in being obedient with the gifts God gave us. If you are called to publish a book, keep writing daily. If you are called to be a teacher, continue teaching the Bible to your friends and family. If you are called to be a singer, practice praising your Father right in your living room. When we choose to be faithful in the little moments, God reveals His goodness in the mighty miracles. Waiting is not passive- it’s a powerful action that moves mountains.

 We are all created for a specific heavenly purpose, and we will all go through seasons of waiting. Due to this, everyone possesses the opportunity to point others to the love of Christ right where they are. Instead of just waiting for the Lord, let us dare to wait upon the Lord. When this phrase is used in the Bible, it’s always synonymous with trust. When we trust God with our imperfect progress, He is faithful to fulfill His perfect promise.

Today, trust Jesus to work all things together for your good and His glory.

Today, trust Jesus by actively pursuing obedience, even in the scary moments.

Today, trust Jesus by worshipping Him in the waiting.

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